Not the average energy drink

silver snow

Our Classic Energy Drink, being the first of a trio of flavours and manufactured in the European Union, is a preservative free lightly carbonated and refreshing energy drink that gives a classic taste which leads to a boost of energy. The effect of this classic energy drink is to enhance the body and mind by improving concentration and alertness and helps you to achieve your best whenever it is consumed. It is also a perfect alternative to coffee.

Silver Snow Energy is manufactured in a facility that complies with the following certification processes:

Silver Snow Energy ™ abide by Halaal and Kosher standards.

Too exciting to resist

Intense, but never boring

Silver snow Team

We could tell you that our energy drink is better than every other energy drink. We could tell you that ours is more the obvious choice, but we are not about that.

Silver Snow Energy™ is a responsible brand which is about the people, the life, the energy and the fueler. Our goal is to support the dreams of those who still dream, fuel the work of those who work and stand behind those who dare to stand out